Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Groups in the Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland has a zero tolerance approach to harm or abuse of people: any type or level is unacceptable.

Abuse includes physical, emotional, sexual, and financial. It can also mean neglect. Anyone can cause harm. It can happen anywhere.

The Church of Scotland has had a Safeguarding Service since 1997. The Safeguarding Service aims to prevent harm or abuse by ensuring that there is good recognition and reporting of abuse.

Our congregation has the structure and procedures in place for current legislation and Church of Scotland procedures; we strive to operate with best practice and work continues to maintain compliance. We have a trained Safeguarding Coordinator to guide us through the procedures and liaise with the Church of Scotland Safeguarding Service; see the Church of Scotland website for information or contact Sandra Mackay.

Vigilance in this critical area is a duty for all of us and as the “Church of Scotland Policy Statement - Ensuring a Safe Church for All” states:

" is the responsibility of everyone within the fellowship of the Church to prevent harm, be it physical, sexual or emotional, and we will always seek to reduce risk...”

We are fortunate that Dalmeny Parish has such an able and dedicated complement of volunteers and workers cleared to work in many groups and activities. We continue to work hard to protect our children and young people (and vulnerable adults where appropriate) following Church of Scotland policies and procedures but without being complacent or overly restrictive. There are many occasions in Dalmeny Church and elsewhere when groups of children and young people gather in fellowship to learn, play, perform, challenge or just chill out.

What to do if you suspect or witness harm or abuse or it is reported to you

If serious harm or sexual abuse is reported, immediately contact the police or social work service.

If you attend a Church of Scotland congregation, immediately contact your Safeguarding Coordinator.

We have a duty to ensure a safe church for all.

Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Sandra MacKay
Tel: 01506 845476